Siamese Rice Fair offers products directly from farmers in Bangkok

The Siamese Rice Fair is held from now until December 7 at Sook Siam zone, G Floor, ICONSIAM, Bangkok.

People are invited to buy rice products directly from farmers at the Siamese Rice Fair held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector, to provide farmers with a platform for the sale of rice and to allow consumers to have an opportunity to buy quality rice without a middleman.

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The event takes the concept of Rice Journey for the Future or a journey that reflects the way of life of farmers, and represents Thailand as a bread basket. It is aimed at allowing farmers from all over the country to sell quality rice as well as innovative products such as medicine from rice, cosmetics from rice and rice for decoration, midst the atmosphere of a market in the middle of a rice field.

The event also features an exhibition which tells the story of the journey of rice from upstream to downstream through the presentation of three main topics: planting, processing and transforming in rice fields of four regions, a rice milling machine that has been developed to be suitable for milling rice for household consumption and a workshop on transforming Thai rice that includes art from rice grains, rice grain pendants, flower brooches from paddy and earrings made from rice. Those interested can visit the event from now until December 7 at Sook Siam zone, G Floor, ICONSIAM. (NNT)