More rains in south, cold weather in North and NE


Northeastern monsoon which is covering the southern region and the Gulf is strengthening and this will bring more rains and heavy rains in certain parts of the region this week, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department.


Heavy rains lashed Surat Thani on Monday, resulting in flooding in the Muang district township and Surat Thani-Poonpin highway which was temporarily closed to traffic as the water level, measured more than 50 cm, made the road impassable to small cars.

Cold spell from has covered the northeastern region today and is spreading to cover the North and the central region soon and this will cause changeable weather in upper Thailand, initially with rains and gusty winds and eventually the weather will turn cool with temperature dropping 3-5 degrees Celsius.

People are warned to brace for the changeable weather while farmers are told to take precautions to protect their crops from damages caused by weather change.

Fishermen are urged to stay ashore because of strong waves and winds.