National police chief finds the TV host’s conduct unacceptable


The national police chief has seen the video clip showing a TV programme host punching a motorcyclist and forcing the latter to “krab rot ku” (kneel down and wei my car) and found the conduct of the former unacceptable, said Pol Maj-Gen Songphol Wattanachai, commander of the 6th division of Metropolitan Police Bureau, on Monday.


He added that the national police chief, Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda found the incident which resulted in the punching incident just a minor accident which blew out of proportion because of emotional outburst on the part of the TV host, Akanat Ariyaritvikul.

The police chief, he continued, instructed the police to take actions in accordance with the law because the issue was of public interest.

Pol Maj-Gen Songphol said he shared the police chief’s opinion that the TV programme host’s behavior was unacceptable. “I saw three shots in the clip showing the TV personality assaulting the motorcyclist who didn’t retaliate.

The police deputy spokesman noted that road accidents happen all the time as they are quite natural and it is the responsibility of the police to settle the cases.

As far as the case is concerned, he said the case is divided into two parts – the first is about the road accident in which the motorcyclist has admitted that his bike had scratched Akanat’s Mini Cooper Country and he escaped from the scene after the accident.

The second part is about the punching and it is clear that the motorcyclist was hurt, said Pol Maj-Gen Songphol, adding that if the victim’s wounds are serious, then the attacker would face more severe charges as stipulated in Section 297 of the Criminal Code.