Ung Ing flatly denies UK news website’s breaking news that his father Thaksin was dead


The UK-based Telegraph TV has run a breaking news on its website on November 6 saying Thai former Prime minister and business man, Thaksin Shinawatra has been pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital this dawn according to sources at the hospital.


But Thaksin’s daughter Paetongtarn “Ung Ing” Shinawatra yesterday flatly dismissed the news in the UK news website, saying it was totally untrue.

She said her father remained healthy and strong, and he still communicated with her on Facebook.

She thanked all well-wishers who inquired about the news, and said her father was in London to participate in a medical and new technology meeting.

He is alright, Ung Ing told all those who expressed concern after hearing the news.

According to Telegraph TV, it said though the cause of his death is yet to be communicated to the media, his family and personal assistant has confirmed the demise of Thaksin Shinawatra.

It said the sudden demise of Thaksin which came as a shock to the people of Thailand this morning has since seen US President hopeful Donald Trump several and other world personalities expressing their condolence to the late Thaksin Shinawatra.

He was the Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 and 2006.

Thaksin Shinawatra who was a former police officer founded the mobile phone operator Advanced Info Service and the IT and telecommunications conglomerate Shin Corporation in 1987, that made him one of the richest people in Thailand.

He joined politics in 1994, founded the Thai Rak Thai Party (TRT) in 1998 and, after a landslide electoral victory, became prime minister in 2001.

The renowned business man died at age 67, according to Telegraph TV.