Pooch totally depressed after partner gets dognapped

A forlorn Khao Pong looks out over the highway hoping to see her friend come home soon.

Krabi police are looking for the person who kidnapped a border patrol officer’s dog.

Pol. Sub Lt. Opart Buakumkot, 53, filed a complaint Nov. 5 with Muang Krabi District in Krabi province police saying a motorist was seen stealing his 3-year-old mixed Labrador retriever from his house at Border Patrol Police Company 426 on Nov. 2.

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Opart said he had gone out to buy food for his two dogs and when he returned, only one dog remained. Neighbors reported seeing the dog being taken in a pickup truck.

Khao Pong and Khao Tung at home during happy times together.

He said his other dog Khao Pong (snow white) now was not eating because his good friend Khao Tung is gone. Opart added that he also is very sad to lose one of his “children”.

Police are checking local CCTV cameras to track down the dognapper.

Khao pong is depressed at losing her friend and refuses to eat.