Chainat and Thammasat University join hands giving English lessons to locals


CHAINAT, 22 June 2015, The province of Chainat and Thammasat University Language Institute are joining hands giving English lessons to the locals, from June 21 – 25. The program is to to prepare residents, civil servants, and the private sector in the area for the advent of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

According to organizers, English is a universal language and widely used in the ASEAN region. Those who can use the language proficiently stand to gain tremendous advantages over those who can not.

Realizing the importance of the English language and the AEC, the province of Chainat and Thammasat University are holding a program for 60 selected individuals from the government and the private as well as the public sectors from 8 districts of the province to hone up on their language skills.

The participants are expected to be able to communicate better in English after attending the program, while having a better understanding of the ASEAN cultural, and economic as well as social backgrounds.