Navy conducts rehearsals for crewmembers on Suphannahong royal barge


Bangkok – The Navy has conducted rehearsals of crewmembers for the Suphannahong royal barge which will join in the Coronation ceremonies for His Majesty the King between May 4 and May 6.

Deputy navy chief of staff Vice Adm. Jongkol Meesawat, in his capacity as vice chairman of the royal riverine procession, viewed the rehearsals of the crewmembers for the royal barge at Thonburi Naval Dockyard in Bangkok.

The navy has arranged for the royal barge to moor at Ratchaworadit pier on May 4 as part of the Coronation ceremonies during the monarch’s reception of traditional blessings.

His Majesty the King is scheduled to proceed on board the royal barge in the river to Arun Ratchawararam temple to attend merit-making and a monk’s robe giving ceremony in late October.

A total of 50 crewmembers will row the barge during the Coronation ceremonies for which the penultimate rehearsals are scheduled on April 27 and the final ones on April 30.

After the Coronation ceremonies have finished, the royal barge will be maintained at the Fine Arts Department’s National Museum in Bangkok Noi canal area on May 8 and will be prepared for use in a final phase of the Coronation ceremonies scheduled for late October.