Minister Puangpet inspects gold shops in Bangkok ahead of Chinese New Year

Officials have inspected 8 gold shops in the Yaowarat area of Bangkok ahead of the upcoming 2024 Chinese New Year.

Puangpet Chunlaiad, Minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister, led officials from the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB), Samphanthawong District Office, the Department of Internal Trade, the Metropolitan Police Bureau, and the Gold Traders Association to the Yaowarat area, the largest gold trading zone in Bangkok.

The visit aimed to meet with gold traders to foster understanding of gold trading standards.  During the Chinese New Year festival, gold ornaments are highly sought after and commonly given as gifts.

The minister mentioned that from the inspection conducted, gold shop operators were found to fully comply with the committee’s labeling regulations. She emphasized that if consumers suspect unfair trading practices or if products do not meet the standards indicated on the label, they can file a complaint through the OCPB Connect application or call the OCPB hotline at 1166.

Meanwhile, the Gold Traders Association has cooperated with the OCPB to conduct random inspections for counterfeit gold to raise consumers’ confidence. However, for those purchasing gold online, it is advised to verify the website and buy from reputable gold shops. Given the prevalence of online scams, officials recommend buying gold directly from shops for greater safety. (NNT)