Local dealer busted with 4,000 speed pills, Ice in sting op



Banglamung police have captured a big time drug dealer in a sting operation, his name is Suthat Seangthai and he was caught in possession of 3 bags of the drug known as Ice, and 4,000 speed pills.


Banglamung police station superintendent Col. Somnuk Chanket revealed that his undercover team had been following the criminal closely for some time and had approached him to purchase one gram of Ice in exchange for some marked bank notes at his house in Soi Khao Talo.

The Drugs are shown to the pressThe Drugs are shown to the press

The arrest led to a scoop of the rest of the drugs which were hidden in his house.

In his defense the criminal said that a man named Noi had dropped the drugs at his home and that he had nothing to do with dealing illegal substances.

Suthat shown to press, claims the drug found in his room belong to someone else, not him


Successful sting operation by Banglamung police