Police hunting 50 gunmen before election


BANGKOK, 14 May 2011 (NNT)-The Royal Thai Police has revealed 50 names of most wanted gunmen while instructing police officers to try to diffuse tension among local politicians in a bid to prevent violence.

Deputy National Police Chief Police General Panupong Singhara Na Ayutthaya and National Police spokesman Maj-General Prawut Thavornsiri have disclosed that police are now searching for 50 suspected gunmen who could have been involved in a series of gun attack since February.

They added that the violence may exacerbate when the election got closer. Policemen of all levels have been urged to identify and mediate between two conflicting parties to prevent large scale violence from happening.

The Royal Thai Police has put up a prize of 100,000 THB for anyone who can provide police officers with leads on 50 gunmen. The new addition of 126 other suspected individuals has also been made with 24 of them already arrested. Anyone having questions or would like to learn more about the identifications of these suspects can log on to www.gunman.police.go.th