Reckless teenagers sky shooting accidentally harm baby girl



Police were called to a house in Moo.11 Nongprue district where a 31 year old father was holding his 2 year old daughter who had a large red wound on her right knee and on the floor was the shell from a 9 millimeter bullet.


The father said he and his wife and the daughter were having lunch when they heard a noise  the next thing his daughter was crying out in pain, the father saw that the bullet had fallen through the roof and hit his daughter on the leg.

The father comforts his little girlThe father comforts his little girl who receives the fierce wound on her knee

Police believed the bullet was shot into the sky by some brainless teenagers not realizing that it could harm someone, they stated that this had happened many times and that sometimes the injuries were far worse, sometimes even fatal.

Police were doubted if they could find the teenage shooter they claimed to be the cause of the lethal incident. This incident could happen to anyone even staying in their shelters, and one couldn’t imagine if the devil let off bullet falls onto vital parts of the body. Similar case happened and made national news regularly and not once the shooter was held responsible for his foolish action.

The mother tries to calm her daughter down where the girl is seen in curiosity

The policeman picks up the bullet from the floor and are in search of its origin

The family is treated with the unfortunate incident, but the girl is seen strong and able to cope with the shocking accident

Reckless teenagers accidentally harm baby girl