HMAS Canberra docks at Phuket for training and community activities


Bangkok – The HMAS Canberra has brought over 1,000 Australian sailors to Patong Bay to participate in activities and military cooperation missions in Phuket this week.

The HMAS Canberra is a helicopter carrier and arrived in Patong Bay on Saturday. It is the largest ship built for the Australian Navy, being 230 meters long and weighing 27,000 tons.

This ship is able to carry out extensive humanitarian and disaster relief missions. It houses a medical service center with two operating rooms and pharmacists. It is capable of carrying 18 helicopters, vehicles and other equipment.

The visit is aimed at strengthening military and intergovernmental cooperation in the region, and with Australia.

Thai military staff participated in a tabletop plan exercise and simulation of a search and rescue operation with Australian sailors on Monday. They will also participate in beach cleaning activities on the island of Siray and marine life-saving competitions. The visiting Australian sailors will also help complete the construction of the Cornerstone Learning Center.

The joint ad hoc forces under the Indo-Pacific Endeavor program will visit India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.