US praises Thai intellectual property operations

Deputy Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyaprapasara.
Deputy Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyaprapasara.

Bangkok – The United States has recently praised Thailand’s ongoing battle to improve the protection of intellectual property rights in the kingdom.

Deputy Commerce Minister Chutima Bunyaprapasara disclosed Monday that the United States Trade Representative had announced the status of protection of intellectual property of major trading partners under US trade law 2019. This year, Thailand has maintained its place on the Watch List after the United States upgraded Thailand from the Priority Watch List to the Watch List in 2017.

Chutima thanked relevant agencies in both the government and private sectors for their industrious collaboration. She urged them to strive to maintain the intellectual property system, especially the suppression of infringements and legal improvements. Not only does it enhance confidence in trade and investment of US investors, but also encourages Thai people to recognize the importance of intellectual property, and use it for commercial purposes.