CDC spokesman: Most residents of Deep South endorsed draft charter


BANGKOK, 29 June 2015 (NNT) – The spokesman of the Constitution Drafting Committee has revealed that most residents in the southernmost region have voiced out their acceptance of the draft charter.

CDC spokesman Pakorn Priyakorn said that the charter drafters recently visited Yala province and organised a public forum to discuss the direction of the new Constitution, which has been well-received by locals.

Mr. Pakorn said that around 95% of the people who attended the forum said they agreed with the content of the draft charter although some have made some suggestions about the changes to the draft.

He added that the CDC will listen to all proposed changes which also include those from the public, politicians, academics, and members of the press, and will apply those deemed suitable to the draft charter while any suggested changes that are not made to the draft will also be noted with the explanation from the CDC.