Thailand’s Parliament celebrated 83 years of establishment


BANGKOK, 28 June 2015 (NNT) – The Secretariat of the House of Representatives has organized a ceremony to mark the 83rd anniversary of the establishment of the Parliament of Thailand.

Secretary-General of the House of Representatives Charae Panpruang on Sunday chaired the rite to pay respect to former kings of Thailand — as a part of the ceremony to commemorate the 83 years of the Parliament.

The ceremony, which was attended by officers and employees of the Secretariat of the House of Representatives, took place 9.09 am at the First Parliament Building where Brahmin priests also delivered several offerings to deities before Buddhist rituals were held.

The Thai Parliament was established on June 28, 1932 when the first sitting of the House of Representatives took place following the transition of Thailand’s Absolute Monarchy into the Constitutional Monarchy in the reign of King Rama VII.