Bueng Kan officials visit drought and flood zones


BUENG KAN, 3 June 2014  – Bueng Kan officials are patrolling areas of the province that have been hard-hit by drought and flood in order to assess the problems and issue a resolution.

Bueng Kan Governor Chalotorn Phakote traveled down to the Huay Paed Hang area in the province in order to visit drought-afflicted locals who have been suffering from the prolonged drought in the province.

Initial findings have revealed that one of the problems that caused drought in some areas were weeds growing around the vicinities. As weeds grow in the area, it becomes increasingly difficult for water to flow through the community, causing water shortages to occur.

Moreover, the governor and related officials have worked together to dig water canals to provide much needed water sources for locals in the Huay Paed Hang area and building more reservoirs to hold water in order to alleviate that flood that happens every year.