39 Siamese rosewood logs seized in Mukdahan


MUKDAHAN, 3 June 2014 -Thirty nine logs of endangered Siamese rosewood were seized on Sunday in Muang district, Mukdahan province.

Pol.Lt.Col. Terdrit Suwanpatang, Commander of the Border Patrol Police 234, together with officials from related agencies, intercepted a pickup truck carrying 39 processed timber logs. After questioning the driver said the illegal logs were to be hidden in a rental house in Mukdahan.

After inspecting the house almost 40 logs of the valuable rosewood and a blue Mitsubishi pick up truck with license plates registered in Mukdahan were found. The whole collection of logs had a volume of 1.80 cubic meters.

According to authorities, the suspects were about to transfer the logs for further transportation, through neighboring countries.

The police are looking for the owner of the house and the vehicle to take further legal action.