Bangkok celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with colorful rainbow decorations in Samyan Mitrtown

Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok.

June is considered the month of pride among LGBTQ. The mall in Bangkok like Samyan Mitrtown has transformed its iconic tunnel walk with colorful rainbow decorations to celebrate ‘Pride Month’ under the campaign ‘Samyan Mitr Proud 100% Love’ to promote love and equality of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer). The event is taking place from now until July 11, 2021.

(Did you know ?)
The rainbow flag has been used as a symbol of LGBTQ since 1978. It consists of six colors;
Red for ‘Life’
Orange for ‘Healing’
Yellow for ‘Sunlight’
Green for ‘Nature’
Blue for ‘Art’
Purple for ‘Spirit’