All quarantines in Thailand apply same rules for both Thai and foreign arrivals

The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Cherdkiat Atthakor.

Organizational quarantine facilities have applied the same rules and procedures as state quarantine in controlling the Covid-19 for both Thai and foreign arrivals.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Cherdkiat Atthakor said some organizations were interested to set up organizational quarantine for arrivals of their staff and personnel such as students, foreigners with work permit and diplomats.

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The organizations will find its own quarantine venues and partner hospitals and pay at their own cost, he said.

It will help relieve the burden on the government’s budget and personnel and will be alternatives for an increasing number of arrivals in the next phase of easing lockdown, he added.

The organizational quarantine is operated in line with the Public Health Ministry’s standard. The buildings must undergo assessment for the disease control system and structural engineering as required by the Disease Control Department’s guidelines on July 30, 2020.

The requirements are the same as the alternative (national and local) state quarantine.

An embassy staff and four other family members arrived on Aug 8 and entered the organizational quarantine, provided by the embassy, he said

Detached facility in the embassy had been checked before the place was allowed for use.

CCTV cameras were set up for medical staff of the partner hospital for monitoring and preventing quarantined people from leaving the premises.

After being tested for Covid-19 at the airport, they will undergo two more tests during the 14-day quarantine. The partner hospital conducts daily body temperature checks for them and also handles infectious waste. (TNA)