Thailand state schools to resume on-site classes on August 13

Schools nationwide prepare for on-site class resumption on August 13.

The Office of The Basic Education Commission (OBEC) instructed all schools under its administration to resume on-site classes on Aug 13 while they are required to comply the stringent public health measures.

Minister of Education, Nataphol Teepsuwan said after a meeting of the ad hoc committee on easing Covid-19 restrictions on Aug 7 that the on-site classes were approved by the Prime Minister.

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Sanit Yamkesorn, Deputy Secretary-General of OBEC sent letters to inform the schools nationwide to prepare for on-site class resumption.


The school administration and staff will resume precautionary measures, such as distancing requirements.

Gathering activities should be suspended. If it is necessary hold such an activity, the educational institute must seek approval from a nearby public health office and inform the provincial governor.

Moreover, students are required to record the places they visit after school as part of contact tracing in case of a fresh outbreak.

Schools are also instructed to focus on activities outside classroom to limit time in class. (TNA)