2 dead in Bangkok shopping mall shooting spree

The 14-year-old shooter was cornered and arrested about 90 minutes after he began shooting innocent shoppers at the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok.

Bangkok, Thailand – Gunfire erupted in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon Mall on Oct 3, resulting in at least two fatalities before the shooter surrendered. The incident occurred in one of the city’s prominent shopping hubs. A circulating video on social media displayed a long-haired teenager, reportedly 14 years old, in police custody, with suggestions from the police chief that the minor may be grappling with mental health issues.

The identified casualties include a Chinese visitor and a Myanmar national. Initial reports presented conflicting death tolls, but the police later confirmed two fatalities.

Gun violence in Thailand is prevalent, but mass shootings are infrequent. This incident occurred just before the anniversary of a significant mass killing in 2022.

To manage the situation, authorities temporarily closed the nearby Siam Square elevated train stop, affecting evening rush-hour commuters. Witnesses described scenes of chaos, with people fleeing the mall amidst the gunfire. Social media videos portrayed the shooter, donned in a baseball cap and camouflage pants, wielding a handgun. The assailant was later disarmed and taken into custody.

This event evoked memories of a 2020 mall shooting in Nakhon Ratchasima, where a disgruntled soldier took 29 lives before being neutralized by security forces following a 16-hour standoff.