Pattaya City evicts unauthorised users of public land

City inspectors look at the public area that is used by private businesses for their customers’ parking in Soi Bongkot 10, south Pattaya. They ordered the encroachers to immediately cease their unauthorised activities.

Pattaya, Thailand – Reports of unauthorized usage of public spaces for private business activities, particularly as unauthorized parking lots in Soi Bongkot 10, in south Pattaya, prompted city councillor Jirawat Plukjai and Permanent-Secretary Pramote Thapthim, together with city officials and community representatives to jointly inspect the area in question on Oct 2.

The Soi Bongkot community demanded reclamation of the space for community-centric activities rather than private business ventures. These spaces were envisioned for health check-ups, community association activities, spaying and neutering programs for local pets, and various events for the benefit of the residents.

At the end of the inspection the city’s directive was clear. They ordered the removal of signs, structures, and vehicles from the public areas to ensure compliance with the law. This decisive action signals a significant stride in reclaiming public spaces for the community’s well-being and fostering a sense of communal ownership.