Pattaya Survivors: The Deli Factory

Mario (pictured) and business partner Gus are making a real success of Deli Factory, notwithstanding the pandemic.

Pattaya Survivor

Even during the Covid winter, Pattaya does not lack successful entrepreneurs. Four months ago, Italian Mario and Australian Gus opened what is arguably Pattaya’s first stand-alone delicatessen. Situated in Soi Bongkot and easily tracked on Google maps, the Deli Factory is already capitalizing on its reputation for fine international and exotic foods as the good word spreads around town.

The origins of the deli are buried in the roots of European history, the first one opening in Germany as far back as 1700. In that tradition, the Deli Factory is offering a wide variety of Italian-imported meats such as genuine Parma ham, Mortadella and that spicy salami Spianata Piccante. Not to mention Swedish meatballs, French cheeses and other worldwide specialties.

Mario, who has lived in Thailand since the early 1990s, is a specialist in home-made goodies. Italian breads, such as Ciabetti, and New York style bagels are oven-fresh on purchase. The cold cuts from Italy are specially imported, as is the whole-grain rye for the German bread. There is even a small selection of British chocolate, a popular choice which needs constant replenishing. Not to mention a tantalizing tiramisu dessert for those not obsessed with counting calories.

Purchase is by take-away or delivery. There is a large selection of made-to-order sandwiches, always the hallmark of a good deli, led by the spectacular Reuben special which comes in at 215 or 395 baht (the latter being gigantic). Imported corn beef, Emmental cheese, sauerkraut, caramelized onion, crispy shallots and a Russian dressing are all there. Arnold Reuben, founder of New York’s famous restaurant, would be proud.

The Deli Factory is customer-orientated. “We listen to all their ideas for new deli food items and choices,” said Mario. Further desserts are planned and there is now a vegetarian sandwich after a visitor’s recommendation. A friendly and informal style abounds there. Give them a ring on 095 927 1120 and you’ll see what we mean.