GLOBSUB and Richmond team up for Charity Night in Jomtien

New t-shirts that include Thai writing are for sale, with proceeds going to the Free Food Friday charity out of Richmond, Soi Welcome, Jomtien.

GLOBSUB has teamed up with Richmond to host a charity night on Saturday 5th December beginning at 7pm at Richmond, Soi Welcome Jomtien.

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Proceeds from the event will go towards Free Food Fridays, a local charity based at the Richmond pub to give away free food to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thomas and his GLOBSUB team shop for necessities to donate at the next Free Food Friday event.

GLOBSUB is a company started by Thomas from Sweden in 2015. They produce advertising material for companies all around the world. The company is based in Jomtien, in a double unit employing over 20 local people.

They are currently working on their next 5-year plan, which involves reinvesting in the latest equipment to make their products and materials eco-friendly.

Recycling materials and eco-friendly environments are a top priority.

Big thanks to GLOBSUB and Thomas for their support.

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Sadly, many people are still hurting due to the global pandemic, as can be seen by the long lines of people queuing for food. Luckily, expat businesses like GLOBSUB and Richmond pitch in to help.