Pattaya electric authority loses blame game, patches Sukhumvit potholes

Provincial Electricity Authority hired a contractor to fix long-standing potholes on Sukhumvit Road.

After much finger-pointing, the Provincial Electricity Authority finally ended up being the agency to repair long-standing potholes on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya.

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A PEA contractor on Nov. 25 poured asphalt and leveled the road surface at Soi 40/2 off Sukhumvit Road.

The meter-long section ran diagonally across Sukhumvit had subsided about two months ago, but neither Pattaya City Hall nor the PEA, which did roadwork in the area, took responsibility.

Meanwhile, the hole continued to deepen, contributing to numerous accidents, especially among motorcycle drivers and at night, as street lights along that section of highway also are broken.

Workers direct traffic around the repair work as they tap down the newly laid asphalt.

“You missed a spot.”


The raised covers were hard on tires and sometimes caused minor accidents.