Steve Moxey romps in with 39 points at Pleasant Valley Pattaya

Winner Steve Moxey looking excited about his score.

PSC Links Golf Society
Tuesday, Feb. 23
Pleasant Valley

So many golf courses around our area are very quiet, customer wise, so it was some surprise to find Pleasant Valley very busy on this day. There were our 3×3 balls plus many six balls and even an eight ball group which came in behind us for the second nine.

The starter at the first tee told us about a six ball in front, so took us around to start on the tenth tee. Very much appreciated as our groups had a clear run for the round and all finished in good time.

The weather was fine with a nice breeze most of the round but still some of that pollution hanging about.

Steve Moxey is currently a #12 handicap but has not been playing to that, hence much hand wringing and whinging about his lack of form. Tuesday, however, the ‘A’ grade game came out and he scored a fine 39 points to run away with an easy win.

Dave Arataki has been suggesting that he has been leaving his swing in the locker because of his lowly scores recently. Another turn around here, as Dave found his swing again and scored a healthy 34 points for second spot.

Paul Stewart, in his third game since returning from the U.K. has been gradually building on his form. 31 points is not world beating, but is another step forward for Paul and this got him into third place.

Last week was a heavy week with the couple of extra games on the schedule, so numbers were down a little, but we have one game to go and then return to our format of Monday, Wednesday, Friday games starting March 1.

Winners at Pleasant Valley
1st Place – Steve Moxey (12) – 39 pts
2nd Place – Dave Arataki (25) – 34 pts
3rd Place – Paul Stewart (17) – 31 pts

This Pleasant Valley course was in quite good condition, with the fairways looking good and playing nicely. The greens are in good order as well but, after the three courses we played last week, some were expecting these greens to be in the same class. They are not, but still doing what they should do, that is allowing for good putting if you are able.

There was an incident on the sixteenth green and the area which seemed to become somewhat violent between to people who were not golfers or, we believe part of the club.

Not our business, so enough said, but it did seem to rattle a couple of our players. It’s not something we expect to see on a golf course.

The weather is starting to warm up and those surprise heavy rains about should make March become quite interesting for playing golf here in Pattaya.