Soggy fairways + a seven ball = a hard slog

Second Placed Stan Stewart, as the winner, Ben Hebert skipped out before the photo op.

PSC Links Golf Society
Monday, Sept. 27

Having so much rain in the area recently, including heavy showers the night before our visit, this golf course was very, very wet. The fairways were so soft and wet that it was difficult to find a place to take a drop from casual water.

The rough is deep, and it is a bonus if you can find the ball, then there is the need to hit it out.

It would cause a lot of damage to attempt to put machinery on the fairways for badly needed mowing.

However, the greens are in excellent condition and just as true and quick as we expect here. Only some rain late in the round slowed them a little.

The management can’t control the weather so, as we near the end of the rainy season, we just need to persevere.

As if the course wasn’t difficult enough, coming up behind a slow moving Thai seven-ball didn’t improve the mood.

A couple of our groups, after being held up, took the initiative to go ahead a few holes, then come back to finish those that were bypassed, therefore finishing in reasonable time.

With all of the above obstacles, we would have been surprised to see any high scoring.

Ben Hebert, the lowest handicapper in the field, slogged it out best with a winning score of 29 points, his first win at Links Golf. No matter the number of points, a win is a win.

Stan Stewart, who has played almost every game since his return from UK, scrambled along for a score of 26 points to take second spot.

Then came a two way countback on 22 points, yes 22.

Mike Tottenham won that countback from Phil Davies to make it into third place.

Winners at Bangpra
1st Place – Ben Hebert (10) – 29 pts
2nd Place – Stan Stewart (17) – 26 pts
3rd Place – Mike Tottenham (16) – 22 pts

A light shower came through at the halfway point and a heavier one nearing the finish, but not enough to interrupt play.

For some reason many courses in our area seem to be getting busier than were the past couple of months. Is there really a ‘high season’ coming on?