Robbins & Carr top leaderboards in Pattaya golf

Tony Robbins winner at Treasure Hill.
Tony Robbins winner at Treasure Hill.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, May 11th Pattana A & B

It seems every course has its own version of COVID-19 protocols and we encountered another version at Pattana today. On arrival, we were not allowed into the complex without the obligatory temperature test at the gate. Once completed we were directed not to the clubhouse but the car park where caddies were waiting armed with hand sanitiser and disinfectant for golf bags and clubs.

The clubhouse was closed so we had to change shoes and apply sunscreen in the car park. We were then directed to the back of the clubhouse to the entrance near B1 tee where we had to provide identification and contact details and then on to the pro shop to pay green fees. With all of this completed, we were ready for the off on A1 with nobody else in sight anywhere.

There was still plenty of rust on display with nobody showing much on the front nine. Fortunately, things looked up with a couple getting off to a good start on the back with consecutive pars. By the time we reached the eleventh green, the skies looked ominous in the distance and light rain started to fall. Unwisely we continued on to the short par three and by the time we had finished this hole rain was tumbling down forcing us to seek shelter at the drinks station near B1 green. By the time we reached it, we were saturated.

After about half an hour of the downpour, the rain eased and the skies brightened from where the rain was coming so we were optimistic of a resumption in play. However, very quickly the rain intensified with even greater ferocity, thunder, and lightning were almost simultaneous so we were stuck smack in the middle of a ripper.

Soon the greens and fairways were waterlogged and torrents of water rushed along the cart paths. Several particularly large water monitors paid us a visit so with no prospect of a resumption of play we decided to abandon the round and called for transport to take us back to the car park.

Jimmy Carr winner at Emerald.
Jimmy Carr winner at Emerald.

This was one time when a shower would have been great but for some reason, no course is allowing showers so all was left to do was make our way back to Pattaya like sodden rats and hope we didn’t catch pneumonia on the way. The rain appeared to be widespread and will do wonders for all the courses and water catchments but made a mess of our game today.

Wednesday, May 13th Emerald Stableford

1st Jimmy Carr (17) 41 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 35 points

3rd Steve Durey (21) 34 points

Near pins Dave Ashman, Les Cobban, Jimmy Carr, & Michael Brett.

The new owners of Emerald seem to be determined to make the course what it always had the potential to be, i.e. an excellent course. Work is continually being carried out to improve all areas of the course. One or two tees need leveling out and the greens need to be cored and sanded, otherwise, it was in excellent condition, green, well grassed, and tidy. Many of the waste areas have been cleaned up, even the dead tree on the fourteenth fairway has been removed. At an eleven hundred and fifty baht all-in fee it is also good value at this time of year.

Jimmy Carr, who has been threatening since the resumption of golf, stormed home today with an excellent forty-one, so much so that he could afford to throw out the anchor on the last hole and score just one point. A mixed bag from second-placed Michael Brett with thirty-five, one ahead of Steve Durey who had his best round for some time, a round that included an excellent birdie. Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, and Tony Robbins were all down the ranks a bit, are we about to see them come to the fore shortly? Near pins were evenly spread with one each to Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett.

Friday, May 15th Treasure Hill Stableford

1st Tony Robbins (19) 29 points

2nd Dave Ashman (21) 29 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 29 points

Near pins Steve Durey, Tony Robbins, Les Cobban, 7 Michael Brett.

Our second week of golf ended with a game at the difficult Treasure Hill Course. A reasonable all-in deal meant that most took carts which was a good idea given it was a hot humid day. Surprisingly there were several groups of locals in groups of five and six on the course so it took a bit of maneuvering to avoid them and at one stage our second group had to jump ahead by three holes for play to continue.


This course is always challenging as it was again today with nobody showing much. Poor course management is punished more severely here than just about any other course, the awkwardly placed trees present the biggest challenge.

Three players finished on twenty-nine points and had to be separated on countback. Les Cobban started in great style driving as well as ever, but after a short time, he lost it completely and spent much time in the bushes, perhaps too many swing thoughts. Once again near pins were evenly distributed with one each to Steve Durey, Tony Robbins, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett.