Ritchie on a roll in Kabinburi


The Billabong Bar Golf Society

Monday & Tuesday, June 10-11, Kabinburi – Stableford

We travelled to Kabin Buri for a two day tournament, but before I go further I must give a special thanks to my good friend Bob Pearce for all his help with the paper work and with the scoring. 

The hotel we stayed at was exactly the same as last time, just excellent service with a smile and the private room for our night meal where there was only one complaint coming from Gary Ritchie who didn’t get a meal at all – his order just went over the head of the waitress, although he did manage to get a salad, good diet Gary.

Phil Waite, Greig Ritchie and Wayne Cotterell.Phil Waite, Greig Ritchie and Wayne Cotterell.

The golf course wasn’t in its usual pristine condition with the greens being cored as we played and there was very little grass on the fairways but the rough was brutal and if you could find your ball it was very difficult to get a club on it.

There was one player who hit the fairway every shot and managed to play one under his handicap on day 2.  But Greig Ritchie, playing with his new clubs, couldn’t hit a ball on the first day as you will see by the difference in his two day scores.

The results for the first day were Gary Ritchie in first with 37 points, second was John Player on 35, followed by Sel Wegner in third on 33 and Wayne Cotterell fourth with 32.  There was one birdie ‘2’ coming from Bob Pearce.

Day two was another day out for the Ritchie brothers, this time Gary once again taking first place with a great 38 points.  Greig came second with 36 points (beating his day 1 score by 16 points) and Sel Wegner finished third with 34 after beating Jeff North on a count back.

Now to the overall and the ‘2’s: The winner of the two-day event was Gary Ritchie with a combined total of 75 points, second was John Player a distant way back on 68, Sel Wegner was third with 67 and Wayne Cotterell fourth on 64.  There were five ‘2’s all up from Jeff North, Greig Ritchie (with a putt from off the green that would have gone into the bunker at the back if it had not hit the pin), Bob Philp and Bob Pearce (two).

Everybody had a great time and the next trip is in the planning stages where will go to Khao Yai.

Wednesday, June 12, Green Valley – Stabledford

With four group’s playing at Green Valley our tee time came forward as there was nobody else there, the place was empty.  Only a shame we were not told the bunkers were GUR until we had played eight holes.  Anyway, some managed to get out of them, but some had trouble.

The course was in great condition though and the greens were very fast; they have had a lot of rain down there but carts were allowed on the fairways so there was no ‘pick and place’.

It was welcome back to Roger Ison and his first day back he was in the prizes.  Coming in third today was Murray Hart with 34 points, second was Roger Ison also on 34 but edging the count back, and in first place came Campbell Potts with a fine 37 points.

There was one ‘2’ coming from Mitch Black.

Friday, June 14, Eastern Star – Stableford

Eastern Star today with five groups and the course was in great condition, maybe the greens were a little slow but you could not complain.  My mate over from Buderim, Queensland, Tom Hand, played today but didn’t have his best day out for his first game in Thailand.

After all the rain the course still played alright, not unfortunately like the guys playing the US Open.  A big thank you to Greig Ritchie for running the golf today, with myself sidelined with a crook back.  It was also a welcome to Alan Beck aka Becky, and Phil Waite, who took the day’s first place and promptly bought everybody a drink but not for himself as he was away to Bangkok straight away.

The scores were overall very good, taking first place was Phil as previously stated with 36 points on a count back over Wayne Cotterell.  The other placings were a 4-way count back all on 34 points with Brian Orr taking third place over Mike Phillips and Ted Gardiner.

Greig was running the day as stated prior and his decision was ‘pick, clean and place’ and play from the yellow tees, making the going a little easier for all.  Once again there were no ‘2’s.

Note:  If you are looking for a game with some friendly golfers, give Bob a call on 082 204 3411 or call into the bar – we look straight down Lake Mabprachan just off Siam Country Club Road.