Bunn gives a master-class at Burapha


Travellers Rest Golf Group

The previous week there was a misunderstanding of epic proportions when I was asked to make some amendments to the format of the weekly report, for which I hold myself entirely responsible.  This week it’s a case of as you were and everything is back to normal.

I have served my time on the naughty step and have undertaken to enroll on a language course to learn how to, both speak and understand Irish.  Not easy I know as there are people who have gone through a whole lifetime trying to understand the Irish and failing miserably.  Hopefully within a week or two I will have got the hang of it and be able to join in with the craic and start to get the hang of Irish music with a diddly-i-dum diddly-i-dum day.

Jeff Bunn (right) with Ted Senior.Jeff Bunn (right) with Ted Senior.

In other news, the rainy season has arrived back in Pattaya with a vengeance and golfers everywhere have been spending a good deal of time under their umbrellas.

On Monday, 10th June, at Emerald we got lucky and managed to avoid the downpours.  There was some excellent golf played by a number of people resulting in some good scores and a tight finish.  Mark Day floated to the top of the leader board shooting 38pts but only took first prize on count back from ‘Mr. Reliable’ Jeff Bunn.  Roger Wilkinson was close behind in third on 37pts.

1st Mark Day (15) 38pts

2nd Jeff Bunn (6) 38pts

3rd Roger Wilkinson (13) 37pts

On Wednesday 12th June the TRGG stalwarts headed off to do battle with Burapha (A and B).  There was a National Youth Tournament taking place on courses C and D and some of the older members of the TRGG showed the pampered youth some of their party tricks, like driving off the tee and sinking putts on the green whilst smoking a cigarette and downing a stubbie.

Some of the young competitors would however have been impressed with the golf of Jeff Bunn who almost went round in level par but blew it on the eighteenth.  He won the competition by a mile, finishing with 40pts.  David Booth took second place with a very respectable 36pts and Billy Ostle was third with 33pts.

1st Jeff Bunn (6) 40pts

2nd David Booth (14) 36pts

3rd Billy Ostle (12) 33pts

On Thursday 13th June it was back to Phoenix (Ocean and Lakes).  A new name appeared in the No,1 slot and John Pinkowski, a high handicapper, showed the rest the way home by posting 38pts.  Old Father Time Alan Evans showed there is still life in the old dog by taking second with 35pts and Steady Teddy Senior took third with 34.

1st John Pinkowski (25) 38pts

2nd Alan Evans (25) 35pts

3rd Ted Senior (14) 34pts

Good luck to all you golfers for the coming week and if you would like to play a round of golf with the TRGG please phone Fergus Brennan on 086 056 7019 or pop into the Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee and add your name to the weekly lists, which are posted on the notice board.