Warberg makes short work of Bangpra


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, June 11, Bangpra – Stableford

Another quiet day as we make the best of having to play so much golf on great courses.  It really is a bind some days, however we do put on a brave face!

On this day it was into cars and off we went from Bert’s.  The drive up there is simple these days, especially when you go with Mashi, and especially when he is driving as well and as careful as he did on this day.  It was good he was in a good driving frame of mind, especially on the way back, but more later.

Dick Warberg (left) with Paul Alford.Dick Warberg (left) with Paul Alford.

Arriving at the course, it was a quick book in and into the changing room.  This is a great facility and it did not take long to get changed and get outside to pick up the buggy.  Down to the start we found that the course had undergone the same barrage of rain for days on end that the rest of the area had.  So it was no carts on the fairways and a sopping wet course.  Still, we were at Bangpra and hoping the rain kept the monkeys at home.

This was a tough day to be on the course; the ball seemed to go nowhere and all the par-3’s were a long distance, indeed we had 2 near pins and nobody got on the green.  Still, the weather co-operated and overall it was dull but no rain.  The fairways were reasonable if sodden, however get into the rough and getting out was a real problem.

Into the changing room and a quick shower then up for a cuppa, a bite to eat and then into cars for the drive back.  First thing was that as we joined route 7 the road was under repair and difficult to get on, it was also chock full of traffic.  As we drove towards Pattaya we noticed the sky ahead was black, and as we got in the area of Laem Chabang, the heavens opened.  We were just happy we had not played this course on this day.

Into town and the rain stopped as we got to Bert’s, so it was straight into the results.  The winner with a great 43 points was Dick Warberg ahead of another good score as Paul Alford came in second with 37 points.  In third was Max Bracegirdle on 34 points ahead of a count back for fourth on 32 points that saw Ted Morris in fourth and John Davis in fifth.  T.T.F.N.