Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Golf Society Report March 21-23

Mark Bromwich, Max Gordon Vroom and Maurice Paradis, winners at Crystal Bay Golf Course.

Tuesday 21 March 2023
Crystal Bay Golf Course
1st Max Gordon Vroom (21) – 47 points
2nd Maurice Paradis (21) – 36 points
3rd Mark Bromwich (34) – 34 points

A special day at Crystal Bay, where we played the A & C loop. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze. The course was in reasonable condition with some dry and hard spots on the fairways. Anyway, better than a few months ago.

The Canadians in our group showed the way to go, playing against 2 Americans. It was a special day for Max Vroom, he was outstanding and made a strong eagle on the last hole. Today it looked like he controlled every shot. He finished with 47 stableford points, the highest score in our group this year. Maurice Paradis followed at a modest distance with 36 stableford points in second place. Mark Bromwich was third with 34 points.

The near pins were for Paul Davies, Bob Edwards, Maurice Paradis and Patrick Troy.

Alan, Paddy Devereux and Mark Bromwich winners at Greenwood Golf Course.

Thursday 23rd March 2023
Greenwood Golf Course
1st Paddy Devereux (27) – 39 points
2nd Alan (28) – 36 points
3rd Mark Bromwich (38) – 35 points
4th Seamus Oconnor (26) – 35 points

It is always a pleasure to play on the Greenwood Golf Club’s well-maintained course. The only drawback was the fact the price is too high for the low season.

We played the B & C loop. The conditions were good, nice weather with a cool breeze, but the afternoon got really hot.

Paddy Devereux was in good form today and went straight to the victory with 39 stableford points. He was followed by our new participant in the group, Alan with 36 stableford points. The third place went to Mark Bromwich with 35 stableford points, beating Seamus Oconnor on the count back.

The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Sam Jeffery, and Paddy Devereux.