Pattaya Sports Club Mabprachan Golf Society has ups and downs

Bernard Green, Bob & Stephen Ford, too embarrassed to announce their scores at Wangjuntr Valley Golf Park.

Tuesday January 31, 2023
Wangjuntr Valley Golf Park
1st Stephen Ford (7)
2nd Bob Edwards (8)
3rd Bernard Green (34)

It’s been a long since we played at Wangjuntr Valley Golf Park. We know that this course is a tough challenge. And it definitely was today. The environment and scenery were beautiful, but the course was very difficult. So, we had a hard day and feel a little embarrassed to announce our results. In any case the weather was excellent and we enjoyed the day.

Stephen Ford was the winner; Bob Edwards was runner-up and Bernard Green took third place.
The near pins were claimed by Neil Harvey, Stephen Ford and Bob Edwards.

Paddy Devereux and Bob Edwards are congratulated for their excellent scores at Pleasant Valley Golf Club.

Thursday February 2, 2023
Pleasant Valley Golf Club
1st Paddy Devereux (23) – 39 points
2nd Bob Edwards (11) – 36 points

The course at Pleasant Valley was a big contrast to what it was on Tuesday. Again we were lucky to have beautiful weather and the course was in good condition. Although it was busy on the course, we had a pleasant round without long waiting times.

We had good results today. Paddy Devereux played very consistent and came in with 39 stableford points. Bob Edwards was again in second place with 36 stableford points.

The near pins were for Bob Edwards (3X) and Mick Bryan.