Pattaya Sports Club: Bunker Boys Golf Report Monday May 16

The sartorially splendid Roger Tuohy, winner at Emerald Golf Club. Les Cobban, winner at St Andrew’s and Robbie Watts, winner at Royal Lakeside.

1st Roger Tuohy (13) 38 points
2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points
3rd Craig Dows (5) 33 points
Near pins Jay Babin, Bengt Engstrom, & Roger Tuohy X 2.

A really miserable day for the first game of the week at Emerald Golf Club Pattaya. As we teed off there was rain in the distance, but we felt we would not be affected as the wind was blowing in the direction of the rain. What we didn’t know was there was more rain coming our way from a different direction and by the third hole it was bucketing down necessitating a run for cover and a delay of about forty minutes. After the resumption of play, light drizzle remained with us for a couple more holes before the wind stopped as well as the rain and an eerie stillness descended on us. By the close of play, we were in bright sunshine.

The Emerald course was in as good condition as we have seen it this year but it was not to everyone’s taste. A good drive from the tee deserves a good lie on the fairway, unfortunately, that is rarely the case at Emerald. Faldo’s design means lots of moguls with up and downhill lies as well as the ball above or below the feet, his philosophy being that people should be able to play every type of stroke.

Only Roger Tuohy mastered the course taking first place with thirty-eight points as well as two near pins. He also won the prize for the best-dressed golfer both on and off the course, Keith Hemmings is going to have to pull his socks up. Michael Brett edged out Craig Dows for second place on countback. The remaining near pins went to Bengt Engstrom and the wily Jay Babin. Today we had a surprise visit from Steve Durey who has been missing for some months, let’s hope we see him more often in the future.

Wednesday, May 18th
St Andrews
1st Les Cobban (7) 37 points
2nd Bill Richardson (12) 36 points
3rd Robbie Watts (8) 36 points
4th Craig Dows (5) 35 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Les Cobban, Robbie Watts, & Michael Brett.

A decent field of eighteen for today’s game at St Andrew’s. On our present schedule, we play all three Barcelona Valley courses every month while current prices remain. St Andrews was in very nice condition apart from the bunkers which were well below what we expect. Some had washout tracks in them while most if not all had copious amounts of grass growing in them.

The weather looked threatening all day and a few drops did fall so the caddies had rain covers on bags early in the round, luckily we got finished without any interruptions. The pace of play was good so no excuses for poor play on that front. After nine holes both Les Cobban and Jimmy Carr shared the lead, both with twenty-one points, however, Jimmy faded badly on the back nine while Les went on with the job to take first place with thirty-seven points. A lot more was on offer for Les but his putter went cold. Bill Richardson took second place with thirty-six points edging out Robbie Watts on countback. After weeks of low scores, Robbie was back in business today evidenced by the wide smile on his face, could just be a relief to get out of the twenties. Craig Dows rounded out the winner’s circle on thirty-five beating Niall Glover and Geoff Atwell on countback. All the near pins were taken with one each to Paul Smith, Les Cobban, Niall Glover, and Michael Brett. Today was the last game for Roger Tuohy and Keith Hemmings, we don’t expect to see Roger again till February next year, I believe Keith will be back before then.

Friday, May 20th
Royal Lakeside Golf Club
1st Robbie Watts (8) 38 points
2nd Niall Glover (13) 36 points
3rd Paul Smith (1) 36 points
Near pins Arthur Kimo, & Robbie Watts.

The Bunker Boys paid a visit to Royal Lakeside for the last game of the week after an absence of over two and a half years. Nothing much had changed in that time with the course in as good condition as before.  As with many courses of late, the bunkers seem to miss out on maintenance, not sure why as they are the cheapest to maintain. The wind was up as usual at this course, in fact, today it was very strong and made for difficult conditions, anyone with a hook or a slice found it particularly trying.

Despite the difficult conditions, some good scores were returned none better than Robbie Watts who is now finding his feet after a prolonged lean spell, today his thirty-eight points were enough to take first place. Perhaps now after consecutive rounds of thirty-six and thirty-eight points, he will stop whining about his handicap.  Niall Glover and Paul Smith were tied on thirty-six and placed on countback in that order. Remarkably only two of the four near pins were taken going to Arthur Kimo and Robbie Watts, just an indication of how hard the wind was blowing.