Pattaya Sports Club Bunker Boys Golf Report Feb 13-15-17

Ken Davidson, winner at Greenwood Golf Course., Sean Murphy, winner at St Andrew’s Golf Club and Michael Brett, winner at Silky Oak Golf Course.

Monday, February 13
Greenwood C & A Medal Golf Course
1st Ken Davidson (23) Net 69
2nd Brett Chan (18) Net 70
3rd Daryl Vernon (20) Net 71
4th Les Cobban (12) Net 71
5th Gary Smith (10) Net 72
6th Geoff Parker (21) Net 73
Near pins Michael Brett, Dave Cadwallader, Brett Chan, & Gary Smith.

The week began with a shock to all, our landlord Terry sold the bar and was already out. We understand from the new owner that everything will stay the same which was a great relief as we don’t need the hassle and worry of another relocation, so hopefully, all is good.

Another big group of thirty-six for the medal round of the month at Greenwood where we were allocated the C & A nines. Quite a windy day which wasn’t enough to keep the temperature down, it got very hot at times. As always the course was in fine condition but there was some delay getting going due to a lack of caddies, so the tailenders finished late.

A most unusual event to start the day with two people being left behind at the bar and having to hire a taxi to get to the course. This underlines not only the need to be at the bar on time but also to be awake when you get there. One feels the onus of responsibility rests with those needing transport rather than the driver since we don’t use minibuses.

Another big day out for Ken Davidson who despite a two-stroke cut in handicap after the heroics of last week’s forty-five points backed it up again today with a winning score of net sixty-nine. Canadian visitor Brett Chan took second place a stroke back. Daryl Vernon and Les Cobban were third and fourth respectively on net seventy-one, great to see Les back in good form after an extended period of frustration when his game deserted him. Gary Smith, despite the frustration of a five-hour round, managed to take fifth with a steady seventy-two, some handle the frustration of slow play better than others. Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring with seventy-three points. Near pins went to Michael Brett, Dave Cadwallader, Brett Chan, and Gary Smith.

A new venture for the Bunker Boys with a group of eight traveling to the old Siam Capitol Ayutthaya for two rounds on Wednesday and Thursday, this is a region unfamiliar to just about everyone in golfing terms so it will be interesting to get their feedback. We are always looking for new venues to explore for away trips so perhaps this may turn out to be an area we visit as a full group.

Wednesday, February 15
St Andrews Golf Club
1st Sean Murphy (19) 38 points
2nd Niall Glover (13) 37 points
3rd Michael Brett (18) 34 points
4th Chris Whitehead (6) 33 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Bil Richardson, Brett Chan, & Chris Whitehead.

Of the three Smiths at the Bunker Boys, one decided on Monday that he was not playing today, one pulled out on the morning because of the threat of rain, and one quit after six holes, is it the name?

After months of beautiful weather, today dawned with dark ominous clouds in the East which didn’t look good. By the time we reached the course rain was falling which delayed the start by about fifteen minutes. Thereafter it rained a little on the front nine before clearing to very pleasant conditions for golf.

Despite an exodus of payers in recent days and a group of eight in Ayutthaya we still had a decent turnout and no problems finding caddies at Barcelona Valley for the first time in about two months. No complaints about the quality of the course which was in nice condition.

A day of surprises continued back at the bar where someone submitted a card with no name or handicap, simple stroke scores, no stableford points, no markers name or points, and neither signature, w.t.f. No doubt about the winner with Sean Murphy delivering in spades on a difficult course with a score of thirty-eight points. Niall Glover took second a stroke back. A crazy round of all-or-nothing from Michael Brett with five pars and four wipes on the front nine, a bit more consistent on the back to take third with thirty-four points. Chris Whitehead took the final place with thirty-three. Near pins went to Niall Glover, Bil Richardson, Brett Chan, and Chris Whitehead.

Friday, February 17
Silky Oak Golf Club
1st Michael Brett (18) 41 points
2nd Dennis (visitor) (14) 37 points
3rd Bob Austin (15) 37 points
4th Bil Richardson (17) 36 points
Near pins. David Cadwallader, Frazer Davy, Dennis, & Michael Brett

Back to Barcelona Valley once again for the last game of the week, this time at Silky Oak.  Very pleasant conditions with no rain today unlike Wednesday and a course in fine condition. Despite so many absentees we still had a decent field of nineteen

After months of playing rubbish golf and considering an extended break from the game, Michael Brett finally found a reason to smile with a long overdue win of forty-one points.  Second place went to one of four visitors (Dennis), no surname given with a score of thirty-seven beating Bob Austin on countback. Bil Richardson is filling in for Niall Glover who is taking a short break took the final spot on the leaderboard with thirty-six points. Four of the five near pins were taken by Dennis, Dave Cadwallader, Frazer Davy, & Michael Brett

This week we lost a couple of our Aussie mates who returned down under, Craig Dows to recuperate and recover after an arduous visit, and Robby Watts to undergo a hip operation, we wish Robby a successful procedure and a speedy recovery, after a visit with no golf we want to see him back on the golf course again next visit.

We learned from our away group that Ayutthaya is indeed a viable option for future away trips with at least five quality courses to choose from, decent accommodation at reasonable rates, and even a little nightlife. The two courses played were Ayutthaya Golf Club and Bangsai Country Club, both receiving high praise. Dave Ashman was the overall winner for the two days with a combined score of seventy-five points, Keith Norman took second with a total of seventy-one points with Neil Griffin was third with seventy points.