Mailbag: Incredibly thoughtless neighbor on Pratumnak with her 30-40 wild dogs


Some residents of Pattaya have good intentions by keeping many stray dogs in their homes, but neglect to take into consideration that the sound of incessant barking and howling can be very annoying and distressing for their neighbors. (Pattaya Mail file photo)

Dear Editor,

Since the City Officials refuse or simply ignore this dangerous and terrible noise situation….Even when the officials finally came to look at the situation, one of their officials was bitten by the dogs….and even then, they took no steps at a remedy! This is an impossible situation.

The dogs sound like a pack of wolves, not dogs. They howl at least once in the morning for about 5 full minutes, the amount of noise is incredible, then again around 5:30 PM, then at least twice early every night and again in the middle of the night, and again at daybreak. The noise is unimaginable and the owner has no regard for the whole neighborhood.

The owner refuses to make any concessions to the rest of us in the neighborhood. I can’t understand how the peace of any Thai neighborhood can be ruined by one person, according to Thai custom.

I wish your newspaper would send a reporter to visit us about 5 PM to 6 PM and shortly after dawn, any morning or evening. The City Fathers should be disgraced at their own inactivity, especially when one of their own officials has been bitten by one of those wolves.

In our small compound of apartments we have two university students who are working on their examinations–it is impossible for them to pursue their success. I’m trying to write a book myself, and it is impossible.

Robert Schwab