Pattana Sports Resort launches The Arena

Somporn Juangroongruangkit, Naris Niramaiwong and Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit officiate the official opening of The Arena on October 3, 2020.

The World Class Sports Potential Development Center

Starting from the passion of love in sports activities and aiming to continue her family’s dream of building the Sports Destination, Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit built The Arena-Sport Performance Centre – an international standard sports training center with the vision that sport is the foundation for empowering all human beings. When having basic physical strength, the development of intelligence, emotional, and social will follow.

The executive management team: Eakgapon Poyprakon, Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit, Thomas Tapken and Craig Wood.

With the ambition to be the first state-of-the-art sports fitness training center in the eastern region, The Arena comprises several room types, sports training centers, restaurants, retail facilities, and all accommodations in one place, and so The Arena becomes the new service of Pattana Sports Resort to serve sports lovers of all genders and ages with an array of activities and facilities.

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The opening was honored by Naris Niramaiwong, Chonburi Permanent Secretary, who presided over the center’s official October 3, 2020, opening ceremony on behalf of Chonburi’s governor.

Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit, Executive President of Pattana Sports Club Company, aka Pattana Sports Resort, said that “First of all, let’s take a look back at the beginning of the Pattana Sports Club. Established in 2004 by my mother, the President of Thai Summit Group, Dr. Somporn Juangrungruangkit to continue the dream of my late father, the late President Dr. Pattana Juangrungruangkit – the founder of Thai Summit Group, a golf enthusiast who of having a golf course but his dream had not come true.”

“With love and mourning to her husband, President Dr. Somporn wants to make his dreams come true; therefore, the Pattana Golf Club and Resort was opened with a 27-hole golf course, clubhouse, hotel, restaurant, convention center, football stadium, and fully-equipped facilities on more than 1,012 rai of land.

“Dr. Somporn aims to make this sports club the place for sports lovers’ families to workout in numerous activities. Her vision became the inspiration for executives and employees to pursue her intention, which led to creating this new sports destination, The Arena-Sport Performance Center. Today The Arena-Sport Performance Centre is ready to open and aims to become a world sports destination. With modern and internationally standard sports equipment, The Arena comprises full-service facilities. It is a perfect training center to enhance the potential of sports for young people, amateur and professional athletes as well as the general people who want to exercise to strengthen physically and healthy purposes.

Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit poses with the highly trained sports instructors at The Arena.

“The strength and exclusivity of The Arena meet the needs of every generation of family activity. We created a space that connects people of all ages. We want everyone to experience the comfort and security provided. The Arena has everything to suit your needs, including organizing meetings, seminars, sports days, companies and organizations’ outdoor events and campaigns. We also have a comprehensive service area concerned with Environmental Social Responsibilities in the allocation of space and managing the facility, because we hope that the Arena Center in Sriracha District, Chonburi Province is a model sports city.”

Naris Niramaiwong said, “On behalf of Chonburi province, we are pleased that private organizations recognize the importance of developing and promoting the sports industry, which is in line with the province’s sports development policy. Chonburi province has been selected as one of the six model provinces in sports development / Sports City from the Sports Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism. Sports are considered an important part of creating value and promoting the economy of the province and the country. We also hope that the Arena-Sport Performance Center is an important part of raising public awareness to turn to sports exercise to make them healthy and also help to develop the talents to compete not only at a national level but also an international level in the future.”

Biking is one of the many fun and competitive sports activities at The Arena.

The Arena-Sport Performance Center is located in the area of Pattana Sports Resort, Sriracha, Chonburi, about 137 km from Bangkok, just less than 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is convenient to travel for both round trips or overnight stays, as the center also has different room types with full-service accommodation. The center serves the growth of health and wellness trends and the needs of sports lovers who look for space to relax and exercise in one place.

“This is a great opportunity for Thai people to visit The Arena-Sport Performance Center where we provide the most advanced sports equipment in the East. For this year’s plan, we hope to penetrate the Thai people demographics; companies and organizations interested in promoting their personnel with sports. We have a service team to hold Team Building Campaigns and organize Sports Day events. In the future, when the COVID-19 outbreak is over, we see the opportunity to become a World Sport destination where people from around the world, especially in Asian countries such as Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, etc., may often use our field area to train their athletes in the winter, such as a football club from overseas that used our center as their training center,” Rujirapun concluded.

The 50 metre swimming pool has been built according to International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards.

Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit and Thomas Tapken gave the visitors a tour of the whole complex, including the Energy Lab, where the more energetic of the group tested their strength and stamina.

Craig Wood gives a talk on the various fitness programs as guests kept in shape while listening.


Members of the press and guests gather for a group photograph at the opening ceremony.