Robbins cleans-up twice in Pattaya’s Bunker Boys Golf

Tony Robbins, two time winner.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, October 5th Crystal Bay C & A, White tees

1st Bob Paine (28) 38 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 36 points

3rd Dave Ashman (21) 33 points

Near pins, Jeff Crosthwaite, Jimmy Carr, & Michael Brett.

Recent very heavy rain meant that the Crystal Bay course was looking the best we have seen it for a long time. The greens, however, were so slow it was hard to believe they could be that slow. Pitch shots to the greens just stopped up dead and even puts needed a good bang just to get to the hole.

A first-time winner today with Bob Paine taking top spot with a well-compiled thirty-eight points, no doubt he is not long for a twenty-eight handicap. Jimmy Carr bounced back to form to take second place with thirty-six points, not quite sure what Jimmy is doing on a nineteen handicap. Dave Ashman rounded out the scoring with thirty-three points, not sure who’s swing he was using today as Dave seems to have an assortment of swings. Near pins went to Jeff Crosthwaite, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett.

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Before we left Woody’s Bar, we were celebrating the fact we had yet another new member, unfortunately, he didn’t play as he had a car accident on the way to the course which took up most of his day.

Wednesday, October 7th Pattaya Country Club

1st Tony Robbins (22) 33 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 32 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 30 points

Near pins Les Cobban, Geoff Parker, & Michael Brett.

A privilege card which entitled us to three hundred baht green fee plus three hundred and fifty baht caddie fee meant that for a day Pattaya Country Club represented the best value golf in Thailand. After recent heavy rain, the course was damp so the pick, clean, and place rule was applied. With no run and a strong breeze blowing the course was just about tough as it could be and resulted in low scoring. The ninth four hundred and fifty yards into the stiff breeze was just about impossible with nobody on the green after three strokes, a measure of just how difficult it was on the day.

A slow start to our round with a one-ball out in front of us followed by a couple of ladies in carts. Since the carts were not allowed on the fairways there was much walking to and from the cart paths resulting in very slow play. Nevertheless, we got done in four hours which was acceptable.

Tony Robbins found himself at the top of the leader board with a modest score of thirty-three points, followed by Jimmy Carr a stroke back and Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring on thirty points. Three of the four near pins were taken with one each to Les Cobban, Geoff Parker, and Michael Brett.


Friday, October 9th Parichat, Rainbow

1st Tony Robbins (22) 35 points

2nd Geoff Atwell (24) 32 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 32 points

Near Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, and Geoff Parker X 2.

On a grey overcast cool day, the Bunker Boys played a rainbow competition at Parichat. An all-in fee of twelve hundred baht was a decent rate for a course of this quality. Recent heavy rain meant that the course played long and with the benefit of hindsight perhaps we should have played pick, clean, and place. It seems there are secret deals being done for locals at most courses as they get busy in the late afternoons, deals that are not available to farangs.

Two in a row again for Tony Robbins, this time taking first place with thirty-five points. Geoff Atwell after a poor front nine scored twenty-one points on the back to take second place on thirty-two points. Jimmy Carr was beaten on countback into third place. Geoff Parker was hot today on the par threes taking two near pins with one each to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett.

The Bunker Boys are looking to do yet another away trip on the twentieth and twenty-first of the month to Kabin Buri, anyone interested in joining in should contact Tony Robbins asap.