Kob, Niall and Gary winners in the PSC Bunker Boys Golf week

Kob Glover, winner at Treasure Hill Golf Course and Niall Glover, winner at Burapha Golf Course.

Monday, August 22nd
Treasure Hill Golf Course
1st Kob Glover (19) 31 points
2nd Robby Watts (9) 29 points
3rd Raleigh Gosney (19) 29 points
Near pins Bil Richardson, Kob Glover, & Niall Glover.

After the previous two rounds where conditions were substandard, it was nice to play a course in decent condition. The Treasure Hill course was difficult as always which was reflected in the scoring, at least the greens were nice for a change. A little wind made for even more difficulty than normal.

On a day when only one player breached thirty points, it was a lady, Kob Glover who took first place with thirty-one points. On a course where he rarely has less than thirty-six points, Robby Watts took second place with a lowly twenty-nine beating Raliegh Gosney on countback. Only three near pins were taken with the Glovers, Kob, and Niall taking one each with Bil Richardson taking the third.

Wednesday, August 24th
Burapha A & B. White tees.
1st Niall Glover (12) 41 points
2nd Robby Watts (9) 39 points
3rd Paul Smith (2) 38 points
4th Michael Brett (15) 37 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Bil Richardson, & Robby Watts X 2.

A step up in course quality today with a midweek game at Burapha where we played the A & B nines. Once again we were tricked by the positioning of the white markers which according to the card were to be around six-thousand four hundred yards, as it turned out they were closer to six thousand yards.

For the first time, the Bunker Boys played a new rule whereby mudballs were allowed to be cleaned and dropped close to where they lay without penalty. This new rule change will obviate the need to play pick, clean, and place in the future as the casual water rule will apply where appropriate.

By contrast with Monday where only one player breached thirty points, only one player out of a field of twenty failed to reach thirty points today. As with the last couple of visits to Burapha scoring was of a high standard. Niall Glover took first place with a remarkable display of putting prowess with forty-one points. Two back Robby Watts rediscovered his short game to take second place with thirty-nine points. After a few months, away Paul Smith made a return to the Bunker with a solid round of thirty-eight points to take third while Michael Brett rounded out the winners circle with thirty-seven points. All The near pins were taken with one each to Kob Glover and Bil Richardson, with Robby taking two.

Friday, August 26th
Khao Kheow A & B Golf Course
1st Gary Smith (10) 36 points
2nd Niall Glover (12) 32 points
3rd Michael Brett (15) 28 points
Near pins JJ Harney, & Paul Smith X 2.

A most unpleasant day for the last game of the week at Khao Kheow where we played the A & B nines. Ominous-looking clouds turned into heavy rain on the front fine for a couple of holes only to return again on the back nine, making for very difficult conditions. Gloves and grips were wet, the course was sodden, and a bit of wind didn’t help either.

Scoring was very poor overall with only Gary Smith putting in a decent shift on thirty-six points to take first place. Niall Glover was a bit away from his forty-one of Wednesday with thirty-two points to take second while twenty-eight points must be an all-time low score taking third place much to the surprise of Michael Brett. Three near pins were won, one going to JJ Harney, with the other two unsurprisingly going to Paul Smith.