Big week in Pattaya for Paul Smith with two wins and GotM

Winner Monday & Friday and March Golfer of the Month Paul Smith and Winner at Silky Oak, Michael Brett

PSC Bunker Boys Golf
Monday, March 28th
Emerald Golf Club
1st Paul Smith (3) 38 points
2nd Geoff Parker (19) 34 points
3rd Tony Robbins (26) 34 points
4th Geoff Atwell (25) 34 points
Near pins Niall Glover, & Paul Smith X 3.

For a welcome change, we had no rain for Monday’s game at Emerald, although it threatened many times during the round. Dark skies lay in the distance and thunder rumbled all day long, but fortunately for a change, it remained dry. When we got back to Pattaya we could clearly see where it had been raining heavily, the weather gods smiled on us today.

The Emerald course was pretty much as expected and was the quietest we have seen for some time, perhaps the “high season” has passed. An all-in fee of eleven hundred and fifty baht, which included a voucher to the value of one hundred baht, was decent value. It has often been suggested that the course doesn’t mow the greens on a Monday and as it happens that was the case today; most greens were particularly slow.

Continuing on from where he has been all month, Paul Smith took first place again with thirty-eight points. Is this current run of form ever going to end? So far this month he has posted only one card under thirty-six points. In a three-way countback, Geoff Parker took second place from Tony Robbins in third and Geoff Atwell in fourth. All the near pins were taken again with the greedy Paul Smith taking three this time and Niall Glover taking the remaining flag.

Wednesday, March 30th
Silky Oak Golf Course
1st Michael Brett (16) 35 points
2nd Niall Glover (15) 34 points
3rd Jay Babin (23) 31 points
Near pins. Dave Stockman, Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, & Michael Brett.

One of the most trying if not the most destructive days of golf in many years at Silky Oak Wednesday. The round started out pretty much as normal but there were some scattered dark clouds hanging around. By the ninth hole, the sky went completely black and the rain came lashing down for over an hour accompanied by almost simultaneous thunderclaps and lightning strikes meaning we were directly in the eye of the storm.

After about one and a quarter hours, play resumed with reduced numbers as the sissies decided to call it a day and only the dedicated trojans were left; enough to constitute a match. On our return to play, we were confronted with a scene of devastation with at least twenty trees flattened on the eleventh and adjacent fairways. We were unaware of any strong wind during our stay in the shelter so it must have been a very localised freak wind that did the damage. Thereafter, the weather moderated and by the finish, we were in relatively nice conditions again.

The Brummies (L to R) Mick Fawkes, Joe Richardson, & Keith Peplow.

The course had been in nice condition prior to the rain and was still quite playable after although relief had to be taken from casual water in places. As a result of the rain plus the delay in play, scoring was on the low side. The top score of the day came from Michael Brett with thirty-five points in a round that contained two birdies, one of which was the most unlikely birdie anyone is likely to see – playing out of the rough from one hundred and fifty yards out to within four feet of the pin just as he was about to declare a lost ball.

Niall Glover took second place a stroke back. After an indifferent front nine Niall put it together on the back with a series of pars to end up in second place with thirty-four points whilst Jay Babin rounded out the scoring with thirty-one points in third place.

Four out of the five near pins available were taken going to Dave Stockman, Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, & Michael Brett. Curiously missing from the near pin list were Kob Glover and Paul Smith.

Shot of the day went to Mike Lloyd who managed to skip his ball several times across water and end up on the fringe of the green. He missed the putt by the smallest of margins which would have given him a remarkable par as he previously had a ball in the same water.

A mere formality in the race for the golfer of the month with Paul Smith so far in the lead that nobody even with a miracle round would have been able to catch him.

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Colin Davis who died this week after a long illness. Colin was a pillar of the Expat golfing community in Pattaya and well-liked by all who came in contact with him. For many years Colin remained a giant figure in golfing circles, both in his role as organiser of Lewinski Golf and later at his own bar in Soi Buakhao. His passing will leave a big void in the Pattaya golfing scene. May he rest in peace.

Friday, April 1st
Pattana Golf Club & Resort A & B
1st Paul Smith (3) 42 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 37 points
3rd Kevin Lebar (11) 35 points
4th Michael Brett (16) 35 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Gez Williams, & Paul Smith X 2.

The second game this week without a rain interruption, perhaps we may finally be over the recent rainy spell. Additionally, we had a quality course to ourselves, at least for the front nine. When we got to the back nine we saw a few latecomers availing of lower-priced green fees after two pm.

The course was in nice condition, no need for pick, clean, and place, and the greens were particularly good. As a result, scores were on the high side again. Showing remarkable consistency once again, Paul Smith swept all before him taking first place with a remarkable forty-two points. Coming off two golfer of the month wins in the first three, he looks set to continue on his merry way. Perhaps the newly arrived Robby Watts will offer him some challenge, nobody else seems capable of doing so at present.

Jimmy Carr returned to his winning ways taking second place with thirty-seven points whilst Kevin LeBar was two strokes back in third place. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall Glover and Gez Williams, as Paul Smith got his usual two.