Ali Baba CC declared Indoor Cricket Champions, Pattaya CC take 2nd place

Chris Lindop bowls to Jainish Parikah

The final match of the Indoor league had been postponed by one week until 31 Oct with PCC playing Rugby School Thailand (RST), effectively a dead-rubber as Ali Baba CC would have to lose cataclysmically to SRF and PCC would have to defeat RST by enormous margins. All very unlikely. Ali Baba v SRF would be the final match of the Autumn League, after which the trophy was to be awarded.

RST won the toss and decided to bowl. Amit (12) and Animal (6) opened the batting with the intention of protecting their wicket and keep the score ticking along. They did exactly that by adding 25 runs, with the help of a few extras, for no loss. Both John Holland and Mark bowled economically but Steve Dunn bowled down the leg side and was hit for 4 boundary 3’s.

Habby Singh (3) and Jainish Parikah (18) took the middle 3 overs with some big hitting but they lost wickets. Rupert’s 2nd ball had Habby caught behind by Dehann although Jainish earned some revenge by smashing a 6 and a no ball for a 5. Chris Lindop bowled a tidy over for just 7. Mark was hit for 6 by Habby who got carried away and was caught next ball by Steve Dunn. Jainish fell next ball to another catch in the deep and although 2 boundary 4’s from Habby earned a nett gain of 21 runs, 15 had been given away.

Wez Masterton makes Luke Stokes duck as he hits out

This left the final 3 overs in the hands of Wez (14) and Luke (23). Chris Lindop went for 13 and John Holland went for 12 but he managed to have Wez caught in the deep as the batsman hit out. Steve’ final over went for 21 including a no ball 7 and some boundaries. thus 41 had been added in the final 3 overs and the score ended on a very respectable 87 for 4.

Habby opened the bowling against Rupert (6) and Mark (-4). Habby was somewhat erratic but had success in the first over when John Holland was caught behind by Luke. Animal bowled his slow dibbley dobblers and induced John into a rash slog which was gobbled up by Jainish at long off. Amit bowled the 3rd over and restricted RST’s progress to an unimpressive 13 but it got worse.

In the middle 3 over session, Steve Dunn (6) was bowled first ball by Wez and was caught four balls later by an excellent catch down the leg side by Luke and RST were struggling. Jainish went for 13 as RST clawed back some runs. Then Amit, who had unsuccessfully changed to bowling over the wicket, went back to round the wicket and bowled Dehann (-2) twice in four balls, which left RST on 29 for 6 and 15 runs behind.

A classic drive from Luke Stokes off John Holland

Chris Lindop (8) and Mark (9) faced for the last 3 overs and made good runs plus wides from Habby, but it was never going to be enough. Wez bowled the final over for just 4 runs and bowled Chris for good measure to complete RST’s innings a 52 for 7 and a convincing win for PCC who took 2nd place in the league.

In the final match of the competition, Ali Baba scored 96 for 4 whilst SRF wickets tumbled like autumn leaves to finish on 59 for 9 in a very helter-skelter match. This secured Ali Baba’s position in 1st place in the championship and they were duly awarded the trophy.




Ali Baba


5 1




4 2




2 4




1 5



large unit sends sown a dibbley dobbler and gets John Holland caught by Jainish

The Bangkok Cricket League BCL 2022-23 season matches were due to start on 30 Oct but has been delayed until 15 Jan 2023 due to a severe shortage of grounds, with Pattana Sports Resort (PSR), Horse Shoe Point (HSP) and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) being unavailable. Banglamung teams will consist of PCC and Asian Stars CC (ASCC) in the BCL A Division, whilst Ali Baba CC (ACC) have joined the B Division.

If anyone wishes to become involved in cricket either as a player of supporter, please feel free to contact the club via facebook or their webpage,

Rupert hits Amit Sain for a single

Umpire Clive Rogerson awards the Trophy to Ali Baba CC