Rain returns, Pattaya golf courses in great shape


PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, June 29th Treasure Hill

1st Geoff Atwell (22) 34 points

2nd Dave Ashman (23) 34 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 32 points

Near pins, Dave Ashman, Geoff Atwell, & Michael Brett

Monday dawned grey and cloudy and as we drove to the course rain started to tumble down heavily. By the time we reached the course, it was fine again so we were optimistic about a pleasant dry round. After we completed the third hole it started to come down heavily again, necessitating we take shelter at the drinks station. By that time it was crowded with other golfers and course maintenance staff, making social distancing somewhat of a challenge. After about forty minutes, it was light enough to recommence play but throughout the rest of the front nine it came down at varying degrees meaning umbrellas got a good workout.

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The course withstood the rain remarkably well with only a few occasions where we had to pick and drop out of a particularly wet area. Overall there was no need for the pick, clean, and place rule to be implemented. As always the course was in great condition. Unfortunately, the trees in the middle of some fairways presented the usual problems.

Les Cobban, winner at Greenwood.
Les Cobban, winner at Greenwood.

Modest scoring, which is normally the case at this course, was again the order of the day. Geoff Atwell took first place with thirty-four points beating Dave Ashman on countback. Geoff Parker had a fast start and played solidly for most of the round, unfortunately, a few blemishes ruined what would have otherwise been a very good round, still, he did enough to take third.

Near pins went to Dave Ashman, Geoff Atwell, and Michael Brett.

A hotly contested golfer of the month competition was resolved Monday with Jimmy Carr, who led at the start of play, maintaining his place at the top to take his first trophy for the year. However, it was only on countback from Dave Ashman who made huge strides late in the month. A big mistake from Geoff Parker who wiped the last hole opened the door for both. As at the start of play only one stroke separated the top four players.

On the medical front, we have a few casualties to report. Raleigh Gosney “threw out his back” doing some work around the house in Japan. You would have thought he had enough sense to get someone else to do that work. Steve Durey was diagnosed with Dengue Fever over the weekend and looks like being out of action for a while. We wish them both a speedy recovery and return to full health.

Wednesday, July 1st Khao Kheow C & A

1st Dave Ashman (23) 32 points

2nd Tony Robbins (23) 32 points

3rd Mashe Kaneta (15) 29 points

Near pins Geoff Cox.

It was great to see Khao Kheow back in pristine condition again. It looked spectacular from the clubhouse and played just as good as it looked. The lake on the left side of C1 was full, on our last visit it was just about empty which is a measure of just how much rain we have had recently. A strong breeze blew for much of the round which made play a little tricky and coupled with a six-ball out in front of us didn’t help, making for a slow round.

Geoff Atwell, winner at Treasure Hill.
Geoff Atwell, winner at Treasure Hill.

Since our return to golf two months ago, scoring has been on the low side for some explicable reason and so it was again Wednesday. Dave Ashman is certainly enjoying his rather generous handicap of twenty-three and won again today on countback from Tony Robbins with a score of thirty-two.

Mashe Kaneta looked like he would post a good score but fell away with some uncharacteristic strokes to take third on twenty-nine points, the rest of the field didn’t warrant a mention.

Remarkably for the second time in the past two weeks, only one near pin was taken and again by the same player Geoff Cox. This doesn’t seem to bother people as it keeps the delinquent pot very happy. Now that Woody’s bar is open again it should get a good workout

During the lockdown, it seems a lot of trees and shrubs have been planted all around the course, and when they mature they will add to the difficulty as well as the attractiveness of the course.

Friday, July 3rd Greenwood A & B

1st Les Cobban (9) 34 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 31 points

Near pins Tony Robbins & Michael Brett

Millionaire golf Friday at Greenwood. We had the course to ourselves. Throughout the entire round, we only saw one other golfer on the course so a very relaxed stress-free round. As with most courses since our return to golf, the course was in excellent condition. This, however, didn’t positively affect scoring which once again was modest at best.


It’s hard to understand why when courses are at their best scoring is so low, we must put it down to the vagaries of golf, no other logical conclusion can be proffered.

Les Cobban took the honours with a score of thirty-four points. Les has now modeled his driving style on Bryson De Chambeau, long and straight but without the locked elbows.

Jimmy Carr took second place with driving just as long but with a lot more variability. Michael Brett took third despite not making a putt till the last hole, a putt described by Les as a slider. Not sure what that means, but luckily went in the hole.

Only two near pins this time with one each to Tony Robbins and Michael Brett.