Mott the Dog : Pink Floyd – Animals Remix 2018

The album cover with Pigs flying over Battersea Power Station. Hope one doesn’t escape! Artwork organized by Storm Thorgerson design by Aubrey Powell , Photography Aubrey Powell, Peter Christopherson , Howard Bartrop, Nic Tucker, Bob Ellis, Rob Brimson Colin Jones. Bit of a team effort really.

Pink Floyd first formed in London 1965, yikes! Nearly 60 years ago.

They were Superstars from day one, but over the years they have had many guises. At first they were what can best be described as a Psychedelic Pop Group with hit singles in the charts from the pen of Syd Barrett. They were regulars in such magazines as Jackie, etc.

After one album poor old Syd became a little to unreliable, too much sugar in his tea. So David Gilmour was brought in to help the situation (Is David Gilmour still the ne boy after more than half a century?) Making Pink Floyd a five piece. One day on the way to a gig they decided simply not to pick Syd up and that was that.

There were then six more albums, but an absence from the Pop singles charts. Three proper albums, two soundtracks, plus a double album with four solo pieces and four live pieces. Then came Dark Side of The Moon 1973 and the world changed.

They released Wish You Were Here in 1975 followed by this little beauty Animals 1977. A dark brooding album with words from Roger Waters condemning the occupants of the planet for their lack of ability to think for themselves.

Now freshly remixed by the band we have a stunning new version. You know when you buy a remixed version of an album, but no matter how much you listen it still sounds the same as it did before? Well this one, think again, there is a huge difference.

David Gilmour today, still with guitar in hand.

The original Animals mix gave us a dark brooding album highlighting Roger Waters views on the social political situation in mid 70’s Britain. The vocals and bite to them is still there, but much clearer with a cleaner sound. But it’s the other musicians in the band that benefit the most. Nick Mason’s drums are given a finer edge, the sharpness is no longer lost in the mix. Possibly due to tensions between Richard Wright and Roger Waters during the recording of this album (which two years later resulted in Richard Wright being fired from his own band!) The keyboards have always been no more than a small contributing factor to these recordings . No longer, they have been polished up and where required put at the very front of the recordings . David Gilmour’s guitar benefits the most . The atmospherics and clarity of the playing leave this as possibly the highlight of his illustrious career.

In contrast to the rest of the album the album opens and closes with two short vignettes Pigs on the Wing , Parts One and Two. Roger Waters wrote these declarations of love to his then new wife Carolyne. Giving the album some much needed light.

An early shot of the band in their Hippie gear.

Then we get to the meat of the album. Three lengthy epics.

Dogs, which had been in the Pink Floyd live set for some time known as You’ve Got To Be Crazy. Where Roger Waters sets his stall out, but with both Roger Waters and David Gilmour sharing lead vocal duties, before the soloists in the band take it on. There is no much more to listen to on this remix with squeezing out yelps and squeaks by Waters that were always lost before. The dual guitar breaks are beautiful (Are you allowed to say something was beautiful on Animals? Probably not. But have a listen and hear for yourself.) Do not misunderstand me the song still gets down’n’dirty, just with even more thrust. The new clearness of the sound does in no way take the harrowing nature of the song; especially eerie are Richard Wright’s Keyboards. These two songs completed the first side of the Vinyl edition.


Pink Floyd in the Pink. Get it? Oh never mind.

Flipping the record over there are two more epics.

Pigs (Three Different Ones). In this piece Roger Waters singles out the people considered to be at the top of the social strata, the ones with all the money and power who manipulate all those below them to keep themselves in power, with no thought for anyone but themselves. Ring any bells?

Possibly the highlight of the album from all departments, certainly it has been in Roger Water’s solo setlist to this day. Always bringing an evil glint to his eye, with extra biles of hatred for the intended victims. There is a lot going on musically in this number and the new remix has made the separation between instruments so much clearer, crisper.

Sheep , formerly known as Raving and Drooling when it was more of a jamming based song in the live set, but tightened up for the album recording . It really rocks along in a Pink Floyd way. The sound effects and bass line give the song a feel of time travel in Doctor WHO’s Tardifs.

Why was the album remixed and ready for release in 2018, but not released until 2022? Petty bickering between former Brothers in Arms.

This is one remix well worth shelling out your hard earned mullah for. Animals has always been one of my favorite albums, now it is my favorite. (For Now.)

A candid shot of Richard Wright back stage, before donning his persona of Wizard of the Keyboards.

David Gilmour. Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Talk Box, Acoustic Guitar. Lead Vocals.
Roger Waters. Bass Guitar, Lard Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Tape Effects, Vocoder.
Nick Mason. Drums and Tape Effects.
Richard Wright, Hammond Organ, Piano, ARP String Synthesizer, Mini Moog, Clavinet, EMS VCS 3, and Harmony Vocals.

Pigs On The Wing. Part One.
Pigs On The Wing. Part Two.

Written by Mott The Dog.
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Nick Mason , giving those naughty drums a good battering.

The Professors of Rock about to go to work.