Mailbag: What a mess!


Dear Editor,

Two articles caught my interest in your latest edition…

Thepprasit Road: What a mess!

1- Thepprasit Road, I must say, what a mess! We went to eat at Caddy Shack, Thepprasit 8, driving from Sukhumvit, the traffic was horrendous, and on top of that, having to journey far to do a U-turn to get to Thepprasit 8 and also an ambulance on an emergency coming behind us and people rightly trying to let it through but road too narrow. Terrible bit of planning.

Clear signs stating “No Motorcycles” means nothing.

2- Your article re: motorcycles using Sukhumvit tunnel, I see so many doing this, and further to this, the section of No 7 motorway between Sukhumvit and the Toll gate has clear signs stating “No Motorcycles”, yet so many are using it.


Chris, Pattaya