Lewis takes top spot at Phoenix Gold, Pattaya


PSC golf from Billabong

Friday, Oct. 9
Phoenix Gold

Playing Phoenix today in very cloudy weather, absolutely sure it was going to rain. The first little shower started as we were on the 9th fairway, but it didn’t last long, and after some refreshments in the halfway house, off we went for the final nine.

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Even with the amount of rain this course has had it was still in great condition with only a little mud on the ball from time to time.

The scoring was remarkably good also, with Thiery Petrement taking 3rd spot beating his good mate Roger Emery on a count back both on 36 points.

There was another count back for 1st and 2nd between Gary Ritchie and Barry Lewis, both scoring 37 points. Gary got the nod for 2nd leaving Barry to take the top spot. Barry got everyone a drink to celebrate as, in his words, “I don’t get to the podium very often.” Thanks for the drink mate.