Age no boundary for Cooney in Pattaya Bunker Boys golf

Gerry Cooney, winner at Green Valley.

Bunker Boys Golf March 7 thru 11
Monday, March 7th
Green Valley Country Club
1st Gerry Cooney (19) 39 points
2nd Geoff Parker (19) 38 points
3rd Kevin LeBar (12) 36 points
4th Jimmy Carr (20) 36 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Gez Williams, & Gerry Cooney.

A late start for today’s round at Green Valley with at least two other societies out before us, so a slow round. Not as bad as one might expect but still a little sluggish. For the third time in the past four rounds, we had an awkward number of seventeen. Thirteen hundred baht sports day pricing was in place, decent for a course of this standard.

Today was proof that age is no barrier with the oldest playing member of the Bunker Boys, Gerry Cooney, taking first place with a stylish thirty-nine points. I think a message there to all the others who complain about their age. A stroke back Geoff Parker reprised some of his former glory with excellent thirty-eight points, a round that included a birdie on the difficult tenth hole. Despite the handicap of not having his favourite caddie, Kevin LeBar took third with thirty-six points beating Jimmy Carr on countback.

Surprisingly, only three near pins were taken going to Gerry Cooney, Jimmy Carr, and Gez Williams. After a long absence today we had the pleasure to welcome back from Japan Rocky Ishikawa, so in the usual fashion as some visitors leave others come in to take their place. Who will it be next?

John Hughes winner at Burapha.

Wednesday, March 9th
Burapha Golf & Resort C & D
1st John Hughes (23) 38 points
2nd Dave Ashman 26) 37 points
3rd Paul Smith (3) 36 points
4th Jay Babin (23) 36 points
Near pins Derek Riordan, John Hughes, & Paul Smith X 2.

For a change, the Bunker Boys played the C & D nines instead of the normally preferred A & B nines. Despite looking great, the course was remarkably damp. The greens were unbelievably slow despite having been mowed recently although looking slick. To be fair, Pattaya has had a very unseasonal wet period recently so that was responsible for the course condition.

Some very good scores were returned today, none better than the winner John Hughes with an impressive thirty-eight points. Rumour has it John rang the bell later back at the bar, a rumour hard to confirm as not too many people were in the bar at the time. Dave Ashman continues to deliver with yet another very solid round of thirty-seven points in second place. When will this run end?

As ever, Paul Smith was in the mix taking third place on countback from Jay Babin. Paul managed his customary two near pins with one each to John Hughes and the visiting Irishman Derek Riordan.

We are advised that Monday’s winner Gerry Cooney has decided to invest in new clubs. How is that for confidence from the Bunker Boys’ oldest playing member? Perhaps a few others could follow his lead and not constantly blame their age for the state of their games. After all, age is just a number.

Jimmy Carr winner at Pattavia.

Friday, March 11th
Pattavia Golf Club
1st Jimmy Carr (20) 38 points
2nd Geoff Parker (19) 38 points
3rd John Hughes (22) 37 points
4th Ronnie Melvin (11) 37 points
Near pins Niall Glover, & Paul Smith X 2.

Pattavia was in the best shape it’s been for a long time today. The fairways were green and well mown and the greens were not ridiculously fast as they sometimes can be. As a result, some very fine scores were returned.

Once again the high handicappers dominated with Jimmy Carr off a ridiculous handicap of twenty taking first place with thirty-eight points. One stroke adrift and one point lower in handicap, Geoff Parker took second place. Another bandit was found in third place in the form of John Hughes, his second in a row good score of thirty-six beating Ronnie Melvin into fourth place both on thirty-seven points, all very good scores in the winner’s circle. Three of the four near pins were taken with Niall Glover taking one and for the second game in a row Paul Smith taking two.

Some Bunker Boys lead interesting lives, none more so than Bob Innes who on a regular basis confirms that he is playing the next day only to withdraw on the morning of play. One wonders what happens in the interval.

A big week is in store next week with Laem Chabang on Monday, St Andrews on Wednesday, and Pattana on Friday. The results of Niall Glover’s recent survey are now filtering through to our playing roster with better courses at reasonable rates being the order of the day.