A Pleasant Day at Pleasant Valley, Pattaya

The plastic separator on the golf carts.
The plastic separator on the golf carts.

PSC Links Golf Society

Friday, June 12 Pleasant Valley Stableford

The announcement came yesterday that restaurants may soon be allowed to serve alcohol, which means the resumption of competition play at Links Golf is not far off. A couple of confirmations with authorities of what is allowed, or not, and then and away we go.

In preparation for the coming comps, some players retained some good recent form and a couple more found some.

Billy Buchanan, minus the plus fours, played some excellent golf to card 40 points for the round.

George Mueller had his second sub-par round in succession and is surely back in form, scoring 39 points.

Tony Browne is working on a new swing, or an improved one, and the practice paid off here with a nice 38 points.

The other sub-par round came from Connie Walsh with a handy 37 points.

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We had 16 players out Friday and, of the fourteen cards turned in for handicapping purposes, eleven of them had scores of 30 points or more, so all getting to form at the right time.

The weather, although hot, was not as brutal as it has been. During the day we had intermittent breezes, enough to make conditions quite pleasant, oops!

After the round, a look at the Windmill.
After the round, a look at the Windmill.

The course was in good order, although the greens were a bit of a mixture with some excellent and others seemingly in the process of being repaired or renovated. The fairways are well grassed and it is advised to keep your ball away from the rough, some similar advice for most courses recently.

We had a player join us for the first time and, having not played since 2018, he took a guess at his handicap. He scored 42 points, a great effort, but ensured his handicap for the next round will be about 6 shots less than today. No problem, he was first to admit that he got it wrong, well done Brendon.

It is nice to have the caddies back in the driver’s seat, for me anyway, but at this course and, I believe, some others also, the caddie and player are separated by a silly plastic sheet through the middle of the cart. That is next to go, we hope.

As each week passes and things calm down, the Thailand golf experience keeps improving on the way to normal, or near enough.