58.1 wins Billabong monthly scramble at Plutaluang, Pattaya


PSC Golf from Billabong

Friday, 27th Nov
Monthly Scramble
Plutaluang, East and South

The November monthly scramble was held at Plutaluang on the East and South loops. Now whilst it wasn’t in its most pristine condition, it wasn’t too bad. At least the greens were in a great state and if you could get the read right they were good to putt on.

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With 8 groups playing it was a leisurely start and nobody was in a hurry so it just went like clockwork. Apart from 2 teams all scores were in the mid-60s.

Birthday boy Wayne Cotterell and his team of Sel Wegner, Tony Oakes and Eddy Beilby scored a net 59 to take second place.

They were narrowly beaten by Gary Ritchie, Ted Gardner, Neil Decker and Chris with a net score of 58.1, so taking second spot last month spurred them on to greater things this month.

Two great scores fellas as the course played long.

Next month’s scramble will be held a week early as the last Friday is Christmas Day.