Young Muslim males undergo ritual circumcision at Pattaya mosque

Winai Inpitak, Nongprue Mayor together with Muslim elders pose for a photo with young Islamic males before receiving “khitan” at the Nurul Yaqeen Mosque.

Young Muslim males in Pattaya were able to obtain circumcisions through a project sponsored by Nongprue Subdistrict.

Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak announced the program April 25 at Nurul Yaqeen Mosque with Pairoj Yuttanava, chairman of Nernplubwan 6 Community.

Usually circumcision is performed on male infants. But, for Muslims, “khitan”, or male circumcision, is performed later in life for religious reasons, mainly to follow the practice of the Muslim faith.

Nongprue officials labeled the practice as a contributor to cleanliness and personal hygiene to grant the practice scientific legitimacy and a moral foundation.
The Health Insurance Fund of Nongprue Municipality paid for all the procedures.

A young Muslim girl recites the Holy Scriptures during the “khitan” ceremony.