Woman claims groping by alleged police officer at Pattaya pub

Ms. Aem files a report with Pattaya police alleging molestation by a man claiming to be a police inspector from Rayong Province at an entertainment venue on Pattaya South Road.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A 39-year-old woman, known as Ms. Aem, reported being molested by a man who claimed to be a police inspector from Rayong Province. The incident occurred in the early hours of July 9, at an entertainment venue on Pattaya South Road.

Ms. Aem recounted that while enjoying music and drinks, she was approached by a group of ten men, one of whom identified himself as “Bee” and purported to be a police officer. However, the encounter took a distressing turn when “Bee” allegedly returned to her table and groped her, touching her breast without consent.

Shocked by the assault, Ms. Aem protested, but faced intimidation from the man’s companions who emphasized his purported status as a law enforcement officer. Undeterred, Ms. Aem promptly alerted the authorities, leading to the men fleeing through the venue’s rear exit upon the arrival of uniformed police officers.

A formal complaint was lodged, detailing the incident as evidence for legal proceedings against the suspect accused of impersonating a police officer during the assault. Pattaya police voiced concerns regarding abuse of authority and citizen safety, leading them to prioritize swift and decisive justice.